__Butterfman (graphic novel project):

Currently at a very early pre-production stage. Few first sketches only available at this time.

__Crazy Engineering :

Musée des maîtres et artisans du Québec, Montreal, 2008

This is a funny witty story about the role of real objects like chairs, rocking chairs, tables, stools and beds in human’s destiny. I did all strange wooden furniture myself and accompanied them with 14 big technical drawings. One of the central artifacts was Linecatcher – very simple device consists of an easel and fan which is able to create abstract drawings itself.

“ The art of Oleg Dergachov is full of energy, life and laugh. A truly exhilaration inspiration from life, for life; a rare combination between deep thinking, joy and brightness, between rational and emotional. It is an amazing example of an art form which makes us enjoy, have fun and think at the same time. The themes in his sculptures, cartoons, graphics and books are diverse, rising by his ongoing curiosity to discover the world and his inspiration to transform it by his ongoing creativity. Oleg is a rarely talented artist, a gift to our world.
It is a privilege for us in Montreal to have him in our cultural and artistic community.”

Lidia Varbanova, PhD
International Cultural Consultant and Researcher