This drawing course is an extremely important for those who are going to improve their drawing skills or submit portfolio to the character design job position, art academies or colleges.

We naturally direct our attention first towards the faces in any image and notice mistakes with proportions, anatomy and details that are so subtle, most people would miss a similar issue somewhere else on the body. If there’s something wrong with the head, then the whole body and the whole artwork won’t work and you’ll be banging your head against the wall in frustration…

Do the heads that you draw ever lack a convincing three-dimensional feel, a believable expression or well-defined, accurately drawn features? It's so important to draw heads and facial features well because they establish the identity of the person and much of what they are communicating.

In the Heads and Features course you’ll study the anatomy of the skull, facial muscles and features. You will understand how to draw the head from any angle by completing a series of rotation studies under the guidance of Oleg Dergachovr. You will learn the key proportions, anatomical landmarks and planar structure of the head so you can draw believable heads from imagination. And you will gain a method for analyzing the shape and alignment of an individual’s particular facial features to capture someone’s likeness when drawing from life or photo-reference.

By the end of this course, you will have the ability to create artwork with convincing heads that feel three-dimensional, express someone’s unique visual identity and show believable facial expressions that communicate what they’re doing, how they feel and who they are. You will have acquired some of the most essential skills for any character designer, modeler, fine artist, animator, comic book artist or illustrator. The skills and confidence you gain from becoming really good at drawing heads and faces will help boost your overall artistic progress and results enormously.