Shipping & Returns

Into Order Cancellation

Into Order Cancellation

Into To cancel an order, please contact us immediately. Cancelled orders that have not been shipped will be refunded with a deduction of a 6% of the order (s) total that is criminal. Cancellation fee pays for administrative costs and transaction fees involved in the cancellation of order (s).

We process all orders within 6-8 hours after orders been placed, so you might be able to cancel an order after it has been placed. I hope you can understand this key point.

Into What's more, we are unable to accept cancellations for products that have already been shipped and our Return Policy will apply in this case.

Into Duplicate orders

Into From time to time we received duplicate order (two or more of very similar orders) placed within a short period of time from each other by customers. For safety reasons do not have access to credit card details of customers and all payments for orders are approved by customers themselves.

Into Our order preparation processes are automated and we are unable to catch duplicate orders unless alerted by customers. We can not guarantee that we will read the request to cancel a duplicate order prior to that to be sent as we are trying to process all orders as quickly as possible.